Kurdish People after ISIS

Fighting for over 3.000 years for the acknowledgment of an Independent state – which includes parts of Turkey, Iraq, Ira and Syria – and fighting against violence and the consequences of internal and external wars, Kurdistan, located in the Middle East, has gathered its people for yet another fight. In 2014 the Islamic State (ISIS) invaded important cities of Turkey, Iraq and Syria, destroying monuments, killing and chasing people, and taking hostages. Two years after the first invasion, the ISIS keeps fighting for economical and religious power through terrorism. In the midst of it all, the civilian population, especially the children, try to resist to the consequences of these conflicts promoted by ISIS. More than 4 million civilians abandoned their houses trying to escape the terror and violence. More than 1,5 million refugees and displaced persons live in camps sustained by the United Nations (UN), Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and government aid.